How it Works?

Welcome to YOSH's self-service page for processing warranty requests and making inquiries. After registering as a YOSH member through the form below, you can claim an extended warranty.

YOSH provides warranty for all of our products. Different products have different warranty periods, and likewise, the extended time is also different. You can find the precise warranty period of your product through scanning the QR code from its user guiding card.

Warranty service is restricted to orders placed on Amazon's YOSH store for we have authorized no other sellers/distributors to sell our products on or outside of Amazon, and we cannot guarantee that products sold through these channels are genuine, so therefore we reserve our rights of refusing to provide customer service and warranty for orders made through channels/sellers other than Amazon's YOSH store.

Note: We only provide warranty service for YOSH products. Also, YOSH is not responsible or liable for any damage incurred due to incorrect use, installation, or storage of this product.

Please fill out the form below to register your YOSH product warranty, thank you!

If you can't see the form, you can also let us know your name, your purchase site, and the order ID directly at this email address