Designed for iPhone 13/12 Series

After I started using the MagSafe phone instead, I started looking for the real good car mounts for MagSafe.

I don't like to put any case on my phone, so strong magnets that fit MagSafe and don't scratch the phone are very important.

This is why I choose YOSH 2022 MagSafe Air Vent Car Mount. Ultra-secure Non-Slip Rubber protects both your air vent and phone from scratches. The newly upgraded 35N clamps with built-in 3 screws prevent the holder from falling off without loosening while driving.

Frankly, I have to admit that what made me fall in love with this product, at first sight, was the look. I bought YOSH Air Vent Car Phone Holder a few years ago, which is small and matches my car air vent. Now YOSH upgraded it to the MagSafe version, Just after I switched to iPhone 12Of course, I would like to try it, and now I recommend it to everyone.