Car mount for all Tesla models

Tesla has undeniably spearheaded a revolution in the automotive industry, showcasing its prowess with cutting-edge electric vehicles and a futuristic design ethos. One standout feature setting Tesla apart is its exceptional interior, seamlessly blending technology with luxury. In this blog, we'll delve into the distinctive interior features of various Tesla models, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, and recommend a car mount that complements your Tesla seamlessly.

Tesla's Unique Interior

Step into a Tesla, and you'll immediately notice the minimalist, sleek, and high-tech interior. The centerpiece of the Tesla's interior is its large touchscreen display with no physical buttons or knobs, creating a clean, futuristic aesthetic. The intuitive user interface enhances the overall driving experience.

Each Tesla model boasts its own distinct interior features:
Model S: The Model S interior is known for its spaciousness and premium feel, featuring high-quality materials and an emphasis on driver comfort.
Model 3: With a more affordable price point, the Model 3 maintains the minimalist design philosophy but introduces a simplified interior with a focus on efficiency.
Model X: The Model X, an SUV, offers a distinctive falcon-wing door design and a versatile interior with optional third-row seating.
Model Y: Combining elements of the Model 3 and Model X, the Model Y is a compact SUV with a comfortable interior and advanced technology features.

Regardless of the model, Tesla interiors are adorned with premium materials, such as high-quality leather seats, sustainable wood trim, and brushed metal accents. Attention to detail and craftsmanship enhances the level of sophistication and elegance of each interior.

Choosing a Car Mount for Your Tesla

When it comes to selecting a car phone holder for your Tesla, it's essential to consider the unique interior design and the specific features that set Tesla apart from traditional cars. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Compatibility: Given the absence of physical buttons and the prominence of the touchscreen display, it's crucial to choose a car mount that doesn't obstruct or interfere with the screen's visibility and accessibility. The mount should be designed to seamlessly integrate into the Tesla's interior.
Secure and Stable Mounting: As Teslas are known for their quick acceleration and regenerative braking, it's vital to select a car mount that can securely hold your smartphone in place, even during sudden accelerations or decelerations.
Ease of Installation and Removal: Since Teslas are known for their minimalist design, it's preferable to choose a car mount that can be easily installed and removed without leaving any marks or damage on the interior surfaces.

The Perfect Choice for Your Tesla

When it comes to finding the best car mount for your Tesla, the YOSH MagSafe Car Mount stands out as a top contender. With its impressive features and sleek design, this car mount offers the perfect blend of functionality and style. Let's take a closer look at why the YOSH MagSafe Car Mount is an excellent choice for Tesla owners:

YOSH MagSafe Car Mount
√ The unique combination of aluminium and premium carbon fibre is not only durable but also looks great. This premium design can enhance the overall aesthetics.
√ The foldable design allows you to easily hide it when not in use, ensuring it doesn't take up unnecessary space or obstruct your view while driving.
√ The compact size and flexible 360° ball joint enable you to adjust the position of your phone flexibly.
√ Powerful magnets ensure that your phone is held in place even on the bumpiest of roads. Ensures your phone stays secure and stable throughout the journey.
√ High-quality 3M adhesive will not deform or fall off, even in extreme environments. It is also guaranteed not to leave marks after removal.


The YOSH MagSafe Car Mount is the ideal solution for Tesla owners looking for a reliable, stylish, and secure car mount for their iPhones. It checks all the boxes for an exceptional car mount experience. Upgrade your Tesla's interior with the YOSH MagSafe Car Phone holder and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.